OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is one of the first 100 specialty pharmacies in the nation to be dually accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and URAC. Accreditation provides external validation of our organization’s commitment to quality and excellence in patient care.

We maintain a dynamic quality assurance and performance improvement program to ensure the services we provide are timely, appropriate, reliable, and value-based. We routinely conduct self-assessments in areas such as prescription turnaround time, phone service, client satisfaction, patient adherence, and dispensing accuracy to ensure that we consistently exceed our performance goals.

By guaranteeing exemplary performance, we can ensure treatment effectiveness, optimal outcomes, and an exceptional patient experience.

“OptiMed is helpful in explaining and educating me about my medicine more than other pharmacies I have worked with. Keep up the fantastic job!”

Hepatitis C Patient