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All big things have small beginnings.

We aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with our industry partners by focusing on the small details to create customized solutions that drive business success:

  1. Identify business obstacles
  2. Develop custom solutions
  3. Utilize ongoing reporting to maximize impact

Why small matters.

By focusing on the small details that enhance patient outcomes, we can ensure that your patients have a positive experience with your brand. It’s a mindset we take in everything we do:

The “small” board
We begin by bringing together a multidisciplinary group of experts in your disease state who we utilize on an ongoing basis as we develop custom solutions.
The “small” board
High-touch clinical patient monitoring
We immerse ourselves on the frontlines, assessing each individual patient’s needs to understand the entire clinical picture.
High-touch clinical patient monitoring
Actionable real-time reporting
We report our findings to you through a secure and customizable online portal where you can access real-time data and analytics that inform business decisions.
Actionable real-time reporting
National distribution
We institute rigorous distribution protocols that ensure shipping accuracy and guarantee next-day medication delivery across the United States.
National distribution

Patient outcomes = Business outcomes

Together we can usher in a new standard of excellence in specialty pharmacy that drives increased value for your business.

  1. Identify therapy disruptions > Uncover the real cause for treatment discrepancies, from environmental factors to adverse events
  2. Increase patient satisfaction > Create custom solutions for patients such as personalized education programs and 24-hour access to clinical pharmacists
  3. Drive better adherence > Engage patients to achieve best possible outcomes by empowering them to take an active role in their treatment

“OptiMed is helpful in explaining and educating me about my medicine more than other pharmacies I have worked with. Keep up the fantastic job!”

Hepatitis C Patient