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Steve Trebing Named VP of Industry Relations & Business Development at OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN – OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is excited to announce that Steve Trebing, RPh, has been hired as Vice President of Industry Relations & Business Development. Steve brings over 35 years of pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and diagnostics sales experience to OptiMed. His background includes retail pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sales and marketing, and diagnostic business experience.

steve trebing

He previously served in a leadership role with Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Phadia), where he was responsible for sales and sales support functions, marketing, business development, customer service and training and development. His diverse education and background will help OptiMed establish business partnerships and advance strategic initiatives.

“OptiMed is a much better experience than other pharmacies. I am more confident in the staff to maintain the medications I need to live a quality life.”

Auto-Immune Patient