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Being diagnosed with a chronic or rare medical condition or starting a new specialty medication can be difficult, confusing, stressful and frightening. OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy recognizes these concerns and is here to help you navigate the treatment journey and optimize your recovery.

We offer some of the newest, most advanced medication on the market, used to treat complex medical conditions.

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Why Use OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy?

Specialty medications are more complex than your typical prescription medications. Patients being treated with specialty medications require comprehensive patient care, clinical management and support services. We recognize these unique needs and provide patients support throughout the entire treatment journey by providing the following:

  • Individualized education and training on your specialty medication
  • Innovative, customizable patient-centric management programs
  • Comprehensive 24/7/365 clinical care
  • Pro-active refill management and reminders
  • Financial support and advocacy services to help make medications more available and affordable
  • Medications delivered or shipped directly to your home or office free of charge
  • An easy-to-use patient hotline that provides direct access to a pharmacist
  • Devoted staff who are knowledgeable in the use of specialty medications, their side effects and the conditions they treat

“OptiMed is helpful in explaining and educating me about my medicine more than other pharmacies I have worked with. Keep up the fantastic job!”

Hepatitis C Patient